Eliminate black mould and condensation in your home permanently!

If you have mould and condensation in your home the cause is due to poor ventilation. We offer the installation of a Positive Input Ventilation system proven to reduce and eliminate condensation and black mould in your home.

Benefits of the Positive Input Ventilation system

  • Eliminates black mould
  • Reduces allergens in the home
  • Proven to help asthma sufferers 
  • low running cost (as little as a lightbulb!)
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Removes any damp odor
  • Can prevent the development of respiratory problems caused by black mould spores 
  • No more financial burden from redecorating due to damage caused by black mould
  • Inconspicuous unit

Poor ventilation in your home causes condensation and mould. If water vapour in the air can't move around or escape your home it will settle on cold surfaces such as walls, windows and even carpets which condenses to form water droplets. These wet surfaces are perfect conditions for black mould growth. 

Positive input ventilation systems gently and inconspicuously push fresh filtered air into your living space, ensuring water vapour can't settle, pushing it out of the home through natural gaps in the buildings fabric. 


By preventing condensation through installing this system you remove the risk of black mould growth keeping your home and health safe.